March 26, 2022 - Gunter's Landing

The first BEGA monthly tournament was held at Gunter's Landing on March 26th. It was a flighted 4 person scramble which turned out to be a fun format. Although it was cart path only, it was a sunny (but windy) day for those who participated. The low gross was an impressive 10 under by the winning team of Paulson, Blanco and the Bufords.

A Flight
  • 1st Place: Buford, Buford, Paulson, Blanco
  • 2nd Place: Gregg, Buter, Rice, Redburn
  • 3rd Place: Evans, Wilson, Johnson, Markham
B Flight
  • 1st Place: Brooks, Lundy, Jackson,Brooks
  • 2nd Place: McKee, McKee, Jordan, YOung
  • 3rd Place: Senn, Askelson, Weinberg, Lauderdale