October 15, 2022 - Burningtree

The Pumpkin Ball Tournament was held on Saturday, October 15, 2022 at Burningtree Country Club in Decatur, Alabama. This is always a great way to finish off our BEGA Tournaments and this year Mother Nature cooperated and we had an outstanding weather day. Thanks to everyone for supporting BEGA this year.

A Flt Best Ball (low three) + Pumpkin Ball
  • 1st Place: Henry, Mason, Potter, Street
  • 2nd Place: Blanco, Pastizzo, Paulson, Zendler
  • 3rd Place: Felks, Phaff, Thibadoux, Townsend
B Flt Best Ball (low three) + Pumpkin Ball
  • 1st Place: Evans, Johnson, Markham, Wilson
  • 2nd Place: Ellzey, Veith, Landingham, Rush
  • 3rd Place: Barr, Campbell, Magnuson, Toney
C Flt Best Ball (low three) + Pumpkin Ball
  • 1st Place: Burden, Hagarty, Kim, Lindley
  • 2nd Place: Jordan, McKee M, McKee P, McKee V
  • 3rd Place: Bradley, Cousins, Leith, Paxson
Pumpkin Ball
  • 1st Place: Henry, Mason, Potter, Street
  • 2nd Place: Brooks, Lundy, Gowdy, Jackson
During the Pumpkinball Tournament the overall BEGA League Champion was determined in a separate playoff. Carl Heater (Monday), Tom Franks (Tuesday), and Tim Brooks (Saturday) each represented their leagues in the playoff. Congratulations to Tim Brooks who won the playoff and was presented with the 2022 BEGA League Champion's trophy.



This is a 4 Person BB Team Handicap (75% of individual Handicap) tournament with the Pumpkin Ball. Teams will be ranked in order of Net score, and then divided into flights for determination of flight winners and prize awards.

USGA Rules will apply. All BEGA Local Rules apply.


Each Team Member will play their ball until holed out. The gross scores for each player will be entered on the scorecard. The team’s three lowest net scores will be used for a score on each hole. In addition the Teams Pumpkin Ball score will be used as the third score for the BB.


Each team will be provided with a Pumpkin Ball. This ball will be rotated from Player to Player in the order the team establishes on the first tee. This rotation will continue through the 18 holes played, provided the ball isn’t lost. Once the ball is lost the score for the Pumpkin Ball is stopped. In addition the player losing the PB will take the appropriate penalty strokes, will replace it with another ball for the BB part of the tourney and complete the hole.


The Pumpkin Ball is scored as part of the Teams BB score (three lowest net scores and the pumpkin ball score) and additionally as the Pumpkin Ball Score.