June 2022 - Hampton Cove River Course

Carl Heater and Lance Moore ran the June Monthly Tournament. June 25th at Hampton Cove, River Course. The format was a Shamble Best Ball. In a shamble format, each of the 4 golfers in a team hits their tee shot. The team picks the best of the 4 tee shots and then each player plays their own ball into the hole from there. You will record 4 scores and the best 3 net scores will count for the competition. Since it is a shared tee shot, each player will receive 75% of their course rated handicap for calculation of the net score. It was a hot day but hopefully everyone enjoyed the format. There was a 3-way tie for first. Payouts by team are as follows: 3-way Tie for first $80/team. 4th Place $60.

  • 1st Place (t): Rush, Landingham, Veith, Ellzey
  • 1st Place (t): Jackson, Brooks T, Brooks L, Lundy
  • 1st Place (t): Champe, McCandless, Doss, Zurkin
  • 4th Place: Lundstrom, Morris, Heater, Shadrick