September 17, 2022 - Southern Gayles

The September monthly tournament was held at Southern Gayles on Saturday, September 17th.  This was a flighted individual tournament with full course handicaps. Thanks to Lance Morris, Kevin Paulson, Carl Heater and Linda Brooks for running this September Tournament.


A Flight
  • 1st Place: Todd Markham
  • 2nd Place (t): Paul Weinberg
  • 2nd Place (t): Carl Heater
B Flight
  • 1st Place: Rusty Lundy
  • 2nd Place (t): Alan McCandless
  • 2nd Place (t): John Fowler
C Flight
  • 1st Place: Ron Shadrick
  • 2nd Place: Pam Wallis
  • 3rd Place: Bob Senn
D Flight
  • 1st Place (t): Di Wilson
  • 1st Place (t): Donnie Butler
  • 3rd Place: Cindy Jordan