April 27, 2024 - Gunter's Landing

The weather was perfect for the April Tournament at Gunter’s Landing. The course was in great shape and the ten teams playing today enjoyed the golf, camaraderie and the scenic beauty of the golf course. Gunter’s always presents some challenges but the team with the low score of 60, obviously conquered the course. The 2 flights were determined based on the sum of the handicaps for each team. Thanks to all that Participated. Our next tournament is at Colonial on May 25th.

A Flight
  • 1st Place: Johnson, Wilson, Kyle and Markham
  • 2nd Place: Paulson, Morris, Buford J, Buford R
B Flight
  • 1st Place: Gowdy, Lundy, Brooks L, Brooks T
  • 2nd Place*: Heater, Bradley, Blanco, Lundstrom

* The Heater team beat the Ferguson team by a scorecard playoff on the #2 rated hole 9. On the #1 rated hole 14, the teams had the same score.