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BEGA is a United States Golf Association (USGA) and an Alabama Golf Association (AGA) licensed club.

The Best Ever Golf Association is a non-profit organization which is comprised, organized and administered by the members of the club. BEGA's Organizational Structure includes oversight provided by the Board of Directors, management by the Officers and league functions performed by each League President. By-laws have been adopted by the BEGA membership to clarify and guide the conduct of the Association and shall be adhered to by all members. Membership is open to all. 

This Association has been formed for the purpose of providing an organized recreational golfing activity for any person in the North Alabama and Southern Tennessee area and as such shall be a non-profit organization. Due to the history of the previous golf association persons outside the areas listed above are also invited to join the association and participate when possible.

Currently we have about 200 active members participating in Leagues, Tournaments or any of the Travel'N'Golf Tournamentress. Golfers from Wichita, Houston, Seattle, Alabama, Washington D.C., Oklahoma City, St Louis, Florida, Georgia and California have taken advantage of the opportunity to play golf, enjoy friendship and reminisce about old times.

To this end, the primary purposes of the Association are:

(1) To promote and foster among the members a closer bond and fraternity for their joint and mutual benefit, and to promote and conserve the best interest and true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in it ancient and honorable traditions.

(2) To encourage conformance to the USGA rules of golf by creating a representative authority.

(3) To hold Leagues and Tournaments for participation by all BEGA members.

(4) To maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth in the USGA handicap system and provide  USGA indexes to members. 

(5) To act as an authoritative body to arbitrate controversies and final answer to questions which may arise during activities of the Association.