Saturday Traveling League

The Saturday League is an 18 hole traveling handicapped league. Competition is an individual handicapped format. The roster is open to all BEGA members.

The league will play every Saturday. Starting time will vary depending on how far from home we travel, weather (rain )and what Tee Times we could get. Each week members of the Saturday Traveling League will be notified of the course to be played and the Tee Time, via E-mail.

The league will use your BEGA handicap for BEGA handicap members or your GHIN handicap for all GHIN members. New members with less than 5 scores will play with a calculated handicap until such time the 5th score is recorded.

The winners of the league's first session ending in June and the second session ending in September will compete in a playoff to represent the league in the BEGA championship held in October.