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Boeing Employees Golf Association

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The 2007 BEGA Signup Sheet is now available (Word).

ALL FUNCTIONS ARE HANDICAPPED (BY SIMILAR SKILL LEVEL) BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME - HANDICAPS WILL BE ESTABLISHED. Eligible golfers desiring to participate in any BEGA monthly tournament and/or league/event must become a BEGA or Associate BEGA member. To join, complete the form with all requested data (please include home address and phone); sign and send with $25.00 for BEGA member or $30.00 for Associate BEGA member. Make check (payable to BEGA) and send to the BEGA Treasurer, Steve Ellzey. (Retirees do not pay dues but are still required to complete and sign the form below and send it to Steve at 2500 Millwood Circle, Huntsville AL 35803).

Look around and be sure to check out Our Tournaments, Travel'N'Golf, Leagues, other Boeing Golf Clubs, Whats is your friend's Handicap and What We are About (about us). Notes and news from Mr. Travlel'N'Golf himself and from our President are provided below.

Enjoy and Have Fun. We Do...

BEGA News and Info

  • The 2008 election results are in and are provided below:
    • President - Darold Zimick
    • Vice President - Ralph Thompson
    • Secretary - George Williams
    • Treasurer - Steve Ellzey
    Congratulations to the winners! Other remaining Board members are:
    League Presidents:
    • Monday League (Sunset Landing) - George Williams
    • Tuesday League (Traveling) - Darold Zimick
    • Wednesday League (Redstone Arsenal) - Larry Bryant
    • Saturday League (Traveling) - Ralph Thompson
    Tournament Director - Steve Thompson
    Web Master - Rick Rush
    Travel"n"Golf - Bob Kruse
    Note: The above League Presidents will remain BEGA board members until their league officially starts and they  vote on new  league officers.
  • The Club Championship was played Saturday 10 October.  Representing the Monday League was David Battiste, Tuesday League was Bob Kruse, Wednesday League was John Jordan and the Saturday League was Ralph Thompson. BEGA picked up the tab for the Green Fees and cart at Canebrake Golf Course in Athens.  It was a great match and Ralph Thompson won by one stroke over Bob Kruse when all was said and done.  The Championship Trophy was presented to Ralph following the match.  Congratulations to Ralph and to the rest of the League Champions.
  • The Myrtle Beach results are posted and Bob Kruse has some info on plans for 2008 in the Travel'N'Golf News below.
  • The October tourney was a complete success.  The tournament was a tourney in a tourney.  We played at Sunset Landing and all had a great time.  There was a lot of tension and knees knocking when it came to the Pumpkin Ball portion of the tourney.  No one wanted to be the person who lost the Pumpkin Ball. Results as follows: 4 Person Shamble;
    1st Place: Doug Brookman, Wayne Strickland, Larry Russell, Ron Dickerson
    2nd Place: George Williams, Mark Rockwell, Andrew Rockwell, Chris Joiner
    3rd Place (T): Larry Bryan, Mike Paxson, Brian Cronauer, Gary Ferguson
    3rd Place (T): Darold Zimick, Lloyd Barham, Ralph Thompson, Jungee Norrell
    5th Place: Jim Mann, Harry Wiley, Steve Thompson, June Mann
    Pumpkin Ball; Darold Zimick, Lloyd Barham, Ralph Thompson, Jungee Norrell
  • The "Wildcard" Tourney held September 8th at Guntersville State Park was another great success.  The course was in outstanding shape. 44 Folks played and were divided into 11 teams.  The weather was great and the lunch was too.  The 11 teams were divided into 2 flights following play with 6 in "A" Flight and 5 in "B" Flight.  Prizes were awarded to the first 3 teams in each flight. There was a Closest to the Pin contest as well.  A and B flights won and C and D flights need to work on their game. The winners were:
    A Flight
    • 1st Place: Cooper, Hodge, Paulson and D. Anderson
    • 2nd Place: Cronhauer, Haller, Farmer and Weinberger
    • 3rd Place: Zimick, Jim & June Mann and B. Anderson
    B Flight
    • 1st Place: Barham, Dickey, Strain and Slater
    • 2nd Place: Wiley, R. Thompson, S Thompson and Falkenberg
    • 3rd Place: Wilson, B. Adams, Elmore and Hunt
    Closest to the Pin
    • A Flight: Wilson
    • B Flight: Northam
    • C Flight: None
    • D Flight: None         
  • On September 1st, Mark Rockwell recorded a hole-in-one on hole # 11 at Point Mallard using an 8-iron and on June 24th Larry Russell also used his 8 iron to get an ace on hole # 8 at Point Mallard. Way to go guys!!
  • The Ryder Cup on August 11-12 was a player farorite again this year. It was a 2 day tourney and resulted in a close contest with the Red Team claiming victory over the Blue Team. The Ryder cup Captains for 2007 were Michael Speer and Lloyd Barham.  These 2 gentlemen won the honor of being the Ryder Cup captains for 2007 by winning their respective flights in the June BEGA Open. Full Results are provided here.
  • On July 2nd, George Williams aced the third hole at Sunset Landing.  The following week, his Monday League partner Ralph Thompson aced the very same hole in league play. Way to go guys!!!
  • Don't forget that each player is responsible for recording their own scores in the handicap system. Handicaps are updated monthly and the listing as of 8/3/2007 is posted here.

Travel'N'Golf NewsMay 7-13 in Daytona Beach. We had a great golf week in Daytona Beach. The results are posted here for all to see. Our big winner this year was Kristy Segars. Way to go Kris!!! We played May 7 through 13 with the last 4 days being the 72 hole tournament. We had a terrific set of courses for the 72 hole tornament and some good courses for the early days. Courses were:
Monday Walkabout
Tuesday Spruce Creek
Wednesday Halifax
Thursday LPGA Champions
Friday LPGA Legends
Saturday DeBary
Sunday Victoria Hills

July 16 - 22 in Las Vegas. The tournament results are now in. We stayed at the Boulder Station Hotel & Casino. The course websites are provided below:
Monday Palm Valley
Tuesday Painted Desert
Wednesday Boulder Creek
Thursday Revere Concord
Friday Revere Lexington
Saturday Badlands
Sunday Aliante Golf Club

October 8-14 in Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach Results are posted. This was a great trip. The weather was perfect, the Hotel was one of the best we have ever used. The courses were great but my favorite is Wicked Stick. We had to pay 7 places this year so I could finish in the money. You all know my rule, If I don't place, there won't be any more Travel n Gofl tournaments. One year it was so bad that some wanted to creat a flight for me only but I came back on the last day. Ha!! I want to thank the group that came to Myrtle Beach for being so gracious. Betty said it was the best group she had ever had at one of these events and the Hotel said we were the best group they had ever had in the Hotel.

I am working on a trip back to the Gulf next year. We are only planning one week long tournament and I am trying for Biloxi or Gulf Shores, maybe Destin but a lot of folks would like to go back to the Gulf. We will probably do a couple 3 or 4 day tournaments within 200 miles of Huntsville but only one week long event. Many commented that they had a great time this year.
Will let you all know when the next event will be as soon as we get something planned and prepared.
Travel n Golf had a great year this year with Daytona, Las Vegas, and Myrtle Beach. I would like to slow down but these are fun for me too. This is our 23rd year and maybe we can go on a few more.
Thanks to everyone for the support.
Bob n Betty Kruse

Bob Kruse (10/17/2007)

From The PresidentThe year 2007 is going to be a great year for the Golfers in BEGA.

Our web site ( will be the central “Information Center” for all of our 2007 BEGA activities.

All our Leagues are getting ready to start or have started (see Leagues), our Tournament schedule is 90% complete (see Tournaments), Bob Kruse is putting the final touches on the Travel N Golf schedule for this year (see Travel “N” Golf) and Rick Rush is putting all this info onto the web site for everyone to see, including our BEGA management plan. This data will allow everyone the visibility into what is being planned and will provide them the opportunity to play in a least one League and as many Tournaments as possible.

The On-Line Handicap System is another of BEGA advantages for our Golfers. This system provides an USGA handicap that is available to anyone that has access to a computer and the World Wide Web. You can record your scores and check on your handicap anywhere any time.

The only way this 2007 golf season will be a success is if everyone gets involved. That means what the Board of Directors is doing or not doing, what the Leagues are doing or not doing and what the Tournament Directors are doing or not doing. This is your golf association, we need your input. PLEASE GET INVOLVED. We will only get better with your active participation.

With that in mind if you have any golf related items, a picture, a story or want to recommend a change or just say thanks to the people in BEGA, let me or Rick Rush know.

The Prez
Darold Zimick (thezman) (2/12/2007)

Handicaps Each menber is responsible for entering their scores into the Handicap System. Please keep up with your scores.
The Boeing Handicap System is now an "On Line System". The Oklahoma and Wichita clubs are also using our system.
To access the on line system click on handicap above.

General Info Members Using Personal Computers: you MUST have MS Excel or Excel viewer, MS word or Word Viewer and Adobe Reader loaded on your Machine to View some of our files.

Policy Statement News Items, editorial comments and other like items on this site may not reflect the views and opionions of Boeing Company

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